Updated: October 31st, 2022
NetNanny review

NetNanny review

Access to gambling sites by minors has become a serious problem in the UK. This has resulted in children becoming addicted to slots and other forms of entertainment. To tackle the problem, the government promoted the development of the NetNanny app in 2018, which helps filter content on children’s devices, including gambling.

What is NetNanny

The blocker software helps shut down access not only to UK casino sites on Gamstop, but also to international establishments. It helps addicted players block unwanted content on devices running different operating systems, such as Windows, Android, Kindle Fire and iOS, using convenient filters. This extends to programmes, betting shops and online casinos.

Additionally, the system protects against social networks and Youtube. In total, the software covers 14 categories of dangerous software. If parental control functionality is used, the app administrator will be notified when a player wants to access gambling games. All actions on the phone, tablet or computer will be saved in the history of blocked sites. It is possible to track an addict’s online activity if desired. If you think Net Nanny won’t uninstall from your device, it is not so. The administrator of the application has full authority, including the removal of the blockage.

Is NetNanny free?

The software is chargeable, although you can use the 14-day trial period. Once the NetNanny trial expires, a license must be purchased. The cost is 39.99 USD per year, and the license is only valid for 1 computer (Windows or Mac). But there are comprehensive solutions. You can always after the NetNanny free trial purchase a package for 5 devices, which will cost 55 USD per year. The best offer is for 20 devices which will cost the user 89,99 USD. That means less than 5 USD per device.

How does NetNanny install?

Go to the company’s official website www.netnanny.com, where you can find versions for Windows, iOS and Android. The gambling blocker app is easy to install. Download the latest version to your device. Once you have installed NetNanny, open the app, choose whether you want the paid version or the free version. Then log in with the account you created when you downloaded the app.

Set up via the admin NetNanny:

  • Bind your device to the blocker.
  • Configure the user settings.
  • Go to admin.netnanny.com to manage all your settings.
  • Make the software the main browser on the device.
  • This concludes the individual settings. The phone or computer owner is now protected from gambling access.

Download the NetNanny app for devices from this link.

Download the NetNanny app for Apple devices.

The pros of NetNanny
  • An effective tool for combating gaming addiction;
  • has filters that limit all content related to iGaming;
  • available on all desktop and mobile platforms;
  • universal service – gambling blocker + parental control tool;
  • the most powerful filtering.
Cons of NetNanny
  • auto-renewal acts without prior notification to the customer;
  • most expensive among all blockers;
  • no new updates;
  • Tor desktop browser allows bypassing filters;
  • the program administrator can unlock games with a password, and NetNanny uninstall if desired.

NetNanny alternatives

The gambling blocking software does a good job. But this solution can be expensive for users. Especially for troubled users who have debts. Apart from that, the company does not update the software very often. Sometimes a timely update helps to follow the latest iGaming trends to properly combat them. Many players are looking for alternative apps to bypass UK gambling sites, as well as information on how to bypass Net Nanny. The latter is possible, by the way, if you use a VPN.

  • GamStop
    A self-exclusion register that offers UK residents free access to all UK entertainment sites. The project is overseen by the UKGC, which also issues online casino licences.
  • GamBan
    A reputable company that has been helping to block unwanted content for users since 2015. They started with protecting underage children by enabling parental controls. Now the functionality has grown, it is possible to block gaming sites, betting shops and apps. The fee per month is 2 GBP.
  • GamBlock
    Over 20 years experience in the UK market. You don’t have to download the software, just enter your personal details into the registry. You won’t be able to fool the software with a VPN, proxy or reset. You will have to wait for the blockage to expire.
  • BetFilter
    It works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices and is considered an affordable tool for blocking inappropriate content. The service costs 4 GBP per month and includes a free AdBlocker and mobile app. While Gamstop and BetBlock frustrate their users with the speed of technical support, Betfilter is more responsive. You can’t uninstall the software until the restriction period expires.
  • BetBlocker
    Blocking apps and sites is possible under any domain. You can block yourself for between 24 hours and five years. Using BetBlocker is free. You will not be able to uninstall the program, you will have to wait for the expiry of the restrictions.
    Remember that after the end of the blocking period, according to NetNanny reviews, access to gambling does not open on its own. Players need to write to the team’s support team, answer a number of questions and ask to re-open access to the slot machines. Only then can they play at casinos with British and foreign licences.