Updated: October 31st, 2022
How to stop gambling online?

How to stop gambling online?

More than 1.4 million people in the UK (2.7% of the total population) have a gambling problem. This worried the authorities, who launched the first self-exclusion programme, GamBlock, in 2000. It helped combat gambling addiction in the early days by blocking unwanted content online.

Now there are more than one blocker, with many coming on a paid basis. When you need to keep the slots at an entertainment level, a GamCare account will suffice. If the addiction situation gets out of hand, it is better to block all gambling sites. Below, we will tell you how to do this and what tools you can use to curb your gambling addiction.

How do you stop gambling online?

British gamblers have several ways to block betting apps. They can be used for national casinos that are run by the UKGC, as well as non-Gamstop sites. Some of them allow you to gently restrict your online gambling activity, such as GamCare. Others will prevent you from making a deposit via personal card, while others will shut down access to all online casino sites in the world. The most popular are GamStop, banking tools, GamCare, BetBlocker and BetFilter gambling site blocking software.

How to stop gambling online for free

The first step to solving an addiction with online gambling is to be aware of the problem. Many avid gamblers realise that they are not disciplined enough, so they can’t fight the addiction (https://www.gamcare.org.uk/understanding-gambling-problems/how-can-gambling-affect-your-life/). The real culprit is the effect of slot machines on brain chemistry. Every win causes players to spike their dopamine, a naturally occurring chemical. It is considered one of the elements of the “reward system”. Gamblers will experience a dopamine rush whenever they receive a win in the slots. Let us tell you all the block gambling sites free UK options for users below.

#1 GamStop
The most drastic free gambling blocker that helps block the player for all online casino sports betting sites in the UK. It is accessible to UK residents (UK and Northern Ireland). The self-exclusion register is operated by the UKGC, so only UK-licensed gaming sites will be blocked.
https://www.gamstop.co.uk/ (Windows, Linux and Mac)

#2 BetBlocker
The gambling restriction app not only accepts Brits, geolocation is any country. With handy settings, you can fence yourself off from gambling sites with any domain. Gambling blocker works in several modes. You can shut down several establishments or completely all gambling for up to 24 hours or for all 5 years. A complete personal data freeze option is in place, where players can never run a slot machine again. There is a parental control feature.

#3 GamCare
More of a resource for counselling, helping gambling addicts. Can’t help directly. But you can visit the site, read useful information, how to block gambling sites on iPhone or computer, find links to software blockers.

Contact GamCare here https://www.gamcare.org.uk/talk/

#4 Banking tools for addicted gamblers
Using paid, free gambling restriction software is a good way to try and bypass blocking. But if you also connect banking tools, you can’t pay the deposit with a bank card, current account. You can use the “Freeze card” and “Block card” options to do this.

Gambling blocker functions for transactions:

  • Restrict card transactions related to gambling.
  • The validity period of the blocking is from 72 hours. During this period the service can be flagged.
  • Analysis of casino deposit transactions.
  • Gambling freeze – you will not be able to withdraw your winnings to the bank card.
  • Card closure on gambling transactions – the only difference is the duration of the cooling off period, which lasts 48 hours.
  • All this useful functionality does not affect your credit rating.

#5 Blocking via Wi-Fi/mobile internet
A modern option to combat gaming addiction. In this case, you can use Content Advisor in Internet Explorer to control internet access. If you need to do the same in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, then open the Hosts file for editing.

Here’s a quick guide on how to block sites through your router from major UK ISPs such as BT, Sky, Virgin and others.

#6 Use the built-in casino/bookmaker tools
You can always ask your favourite casino to have the administration send out their own self-limiting tools. These are free and help set individual deposit limits, length of stay at the institution and other things.

Top paid applications to block all gambling

If you do not trust the free applications, perhaps they do not suit you in terms of functionality, did not meet your expectations, we offer a list of paid gambling blockers. They differ in license cost and functionality.

#1 NetNanny
A popular service that has a parental control feature. The program was created in 1993 and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. The player can block individual online casino and betting sites for themselves, and all game content. The cost of the license depends on the type of operating system, type of device – tablet, laptop, phone.

#2 BetFilter
A reputable software provider that helps combat gambling addiction. Player data goes into the system, is strictly protected, so the user will not be bothered by unnecessary warnings. You won’t be able to remove yourself from the registry during the self-isolation period. (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS)

#3 GamBan
Running since 2015, it allows you to block individual programs, websites, any unwanted content – all available in the settings. Blocking is easily accessed for free via any GamCare network. There is a free version to test the functionality of the app.

  • https://gamban.com/ (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS)
  • Android users can find the GamBan app on Google Play
  • GamBan also works on iOS and can be found on the Apple Store.

#4 GamBlock
Algorithms that recognise slot and sports betting sites successfully block gaming content on phones and other devices. Even with a VPN, proxy and reset, they can’t be circumvented. You don’t need to download anything to your smartphone, just enter your details into the registry. (Windows computers and Android phones)

Instructions on how to download GamBlock for Apple devices

Which app is best for blocking all gambling sites

Depending on your state of gambling addiction, you may choose a gambling protection app. Your financial situation will also affect your search for the right app. If you don’t want to visit gambling sites and you want a simple, free solution, BetBlocker is your best bet. It works for international sites, so you won’t be able to play even in foreign casinos, unlike GamStop.

When you think that by licensing a blocker, you will get an effective solution, then you can take a closer look at GamBlock and BetFilter. Start by comparing features and prices. For example, BetFilter will cost 70 USD per year, and that’s just for one device. GamBlock, on the other hand, is priced higher, at 105 USD, but it depends on the operating system and type of device. Here NetNanny is also ready to protect only one device, but only for 11 USD per year. If you need to shut down access to all online gambling establishments, these programs will all help. They even work outside the UK.

How to block gambling sites via mobile operators?

There are other ways to block gambling content for yourself without having to install paid or free software. Try restricting access to gambling through your mobile carrier. This feature works for Sky Broadband, Virgin Media, O2, EE and Vodafone network users.

Mobile operator Feature summary How to block
Virgin Media Activate the “Child Lock” lock My Virgin Media – “My apps” – “Parental controls” using Virgin Media WebSafe.
О2 Strict content blocking, you can block access to online casinos, sports betting, even online shopping Blocking is automatic. You’ll need to prove you’re 18 years old by providing credit card details, proof of identity
EE 3 locking modes – strict, moderate, disabled Text “Strict” or “Moderate” to 879. You can also dial the operator at 1818. Blocking is available on the My EE website and EE app.
Sky Broadband Protection from unwanted websites, new product Sky Broadband Boost is required. It allows you to control every screen in your home from within the app.
Vodafone There are several levels of restrictions – Ultra-Safe, Safe, Super Safe. Gaming sites belong in the first section. You need to make changes in the Content Profile section to manage the types of sites the player accesses.

Menu “My Vodafone” – “Manage Content”.

Table #1. Mobile operators in the UK that block gaming content

How do I block my gaming transactions?

More and more banks in the UK are allowing their users to block a number of credit card transactions. Such methods also help combat gaming addiction.

Bank Description of the blocking function
Halifax The new “Game Card Freeze” feature in the mobile app helps limit the impact of iGaming. Not only credit cards but also debit cards can be blocked.
Lloyds Instead of blocking your gaming content, simply close your deposit payment with your card at Lloyds. In the mobile app, select your card and restrict iGaming transfers in its settings.
Barclays One of the first banks to introduce a gaming transaction blocking feature. Go to merchant control through the app, turn off the gambling option.
HSBC In the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app, go to Account Details – Card Management – Gambling Restrictions. Then select an option for the card.
Santander In the mobile app, block gambling transactions. You will then not be able to load sites on your phone.
NatWest Suitable for blocking credit cards. Go to “Manage my card” – “Card blocking settings” – “Game transactions”. Activate the blocking.
Monzo In the phone application, go to “Account” – “Settings”. Access to the management, tick the appropriate option. If necessary, you can reactivate your card payment via the Call Centre.
RBS In the mobile application, select your credit card. Then go to “Manage my card” – “Card blocking settings”. Check the “Play Transactions” box to activate the blocking.

Table #2. List of banks in the UK that block gambling transactions.

How do I limit payments in online gambling?

Take advantage of the bank’s gambling protection tools. You can put bans on your debit card, current account, mobile app to prevent you from making deposits at betting shops and online casinos.

How can I restrict gaming via mobile operators?

Phone owners can restrict iGaming content on their own. This option is available to users of Vodafone, EE, Virgin Media, 02 and Sky Broadband

What’s the best way to stop gaming?

There is no single best way to stop spending money on slots and sports betting. But activating block betting apps is the first conscious step. You can also use tools from your bank or mobile operator.