Updated: October 31st, 2022
GamBlock UK – gambling self exclusion

GamBlock UK – gambling self exclusion

Gambling addiction is a common problem, so it is important for at-risk players to be aware of the Gamblock app’s self-exclusion tool, which promises a high level of protection. The software scans the content of every web page, checking for the presence of gambling. After analysis, the system can shut down access to the site if it sees elements of slots and other entertainment.

What is GamBlock?

GamBlock software is used to completely block access to casino games and treat gambling addiction. It is a handy tool for gamblers who want to exclude themselves from all casino sites in the UK for a while. An added benefit is the availability of parental controls. Limiting access to casino games by developing a unique algorithm. It does not include a database of blacklisted sites.

GamBlock scans, blocks content based on individual analysis. This means that the player cannot play anywhere – neither at casinos, nor at any non-Gamstop gaming sites, nor at offshore sites. If there is even the slightest hint that the content contains elements of gambling, the system will quickly shut down access to the page. Any program settings cannot be bypassed with a proxy or Tor browser. Therefore, if you find advice on how to remove Gamblock, you are advised to use a VPN, it won’t help to avoid self-exclusion.

How do I install GamBlock?

If you use the Windows Gamblock functionality, you can restrict access to games for between 1 and 5 years. Phone versions have a shorter period.

How to install Gamblock on computer and laptop:

  1. Go to the official gamblock.com page.
  2. Choose a version for your device, choose your pricing plan.
  3. Add the software to cart, click “Buy now”.
  4. Pay and receive transaction ID.
  5. Click on the download button on your PC.
  6. Double-click on the installer package, click on “Extract”.
  7. Accept the permission when prompted.
  8. Create a password for the program, which is intended for additional Gamblock functions. It has nothing to do with the main lock.
  9. Restart your computer.
  10. In the opened program window, enter the transaction ID.

This completes the download of the Gamblock application. The fee for using the self-exclusion program is 100 to 150 USD per 1 device. If you want to block access to more than one device, the cost of the license will be higher.

Advantages of GamBlock

  • Block access to potentially dangerous content – shopping sites, betting shops, all iGaming destinations, proxy sites.
  • Individual and authority pricing plans – AAMS and ARJEL.
  • Supports a wide range of devices.
  • Works for multiple platforms – iPhone, Windows and Android.
  • What makes Gamblock special is that it is difficult to circumvent. There is no advice on how to uninstall Gamblock, as there is no way to remove it.

GamBlock disadvantages

  • Technical support is slow, but only for basic versions. There are fewer complaints about the operation in Premium Support.
  • The system does not see the difference between video games and slots. Often blocks regular computer games together with slot machines.
  • The tariff plan is for 1 device only, there will be no gambling restrictions on other devices. Players have to purchase multiple licences.
  • Some customers had problems with the operation of the application on mobile phones. The program would not run on a Samsung phone. Plus some users tell in their Gamblock reviews that the app eats up a lot of resources and loses battery power quickly.

GamBlock alternatives

The best online casinos offer various self-exclusion programs to stick to responsible gaming. This reduces the risk of players developing an addiction.

  • GamStop
    A free service for UK players. It allows you to block access to online casinos run by the UKGC. The company is controlled by The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited. You can block access not only to slots and poker, but also sports betting, horse racing and other entertainment.
  • BetFilter
    A reputable provider of gaming addiction software. The fee is purely symbolic for the use of the blockchain tool – 5 USD or 4 GBP. Available on all devices. Inclusion in the BetFilter registry is strictly confidential, so the information will not go to credit history or other organizations. You will not be able to remove your lock before the deadline.
  • NetNanny
    A popular program that additionally offers a parental control option. It has been in operation since 1993 and is headquartered in Washington, DC. Initially, the application only removed advertisements and dealt with Internet misuse issues. Nowadays, the software allows dealing with gambling addiction, blocking not only online casino sites but also harmful applications.
  • GamBan
    The development team is made up of professionals who have experience of working with gambling addicts. Gamban was created in 2015. Not only can the user block websites, but also unwanted applications. The self-exclusion software is easily accessed through any GamCare network. Start by downloading the software to your phone, computer or any other device, then activate Gamban. All you need to do is pay 2 GBP per month.
  • BetBlocker
    One of the outstanding features of BetBlocker is that there are no country restrictions, so you can block yourself off from all the casino sites on the internet. This is handy for those who didn’t benefit from GamStop’s self-exclusion and started playing slot machines at foreign establishments. The program has several modes of operation. You can close for yourself the entrance to your favorite online casino sites, as well as completely cut off content traffic with gambling. The user will not even be bothered by online advertisements. Blocking periods vary, with loyal terms ranging from a day to 5 years. There is an option of parental control. Unlocking early is not possible.
    At the end of the self-exclusion period you have to contact their support team. This is the only way to unblock access to gambling. Otherwise, the restrictions will continue to apply. All you have to do is call or email the operators, so that you are in control, ready to play again, but under the rules of responsible gambling. Within 24 hours, your details are removed from the register.